Thank you to all who took the time to come out and audition for J-DAPA’s upcoming production of Matilda!

We had an amazing turnout in attendance as well as talent. If you did not receive a part this time, please do not give up on your dreams of being part of a play. Many factors go into the decision of casting. Give yourself credit for being confident enough to audition and keep trying!

Congratulations to the cast of Matilda.

Cast List

  • Matilda: Lily Butler
  • Trunchbull: Dave Banno
  • Miss Honey: Bryn Martin
  • Mr. Wormwood: Nick Gallo
  • Mrs. Wormwood: Ashlyn Banno
  • Michael Wormwood: Joshua Villanova
  • Bruce: Cady Santo
  • Lavender: Avery Santo
  • Phelps (Librarian): Mackenzie Hanna
  • The Escapologist: Matthew Eisemann
  • The Acrobat: Kelly Dargy
  • Rudolpho: Kaine Young
  • Doctor: Kyle Buonfiglio
  • Children’s Entertainer: Ethan Cagnon
  • Cook: Lola Alaropon
  • Henchmen: Ethan Cagnon, Mike Mollicone
  • Sergei: Mike Silva
  • Acrobat’s Sister (off stage): Dave Banno
Student Ensemble:
  • Matilda: Lily Butler
  • Bruce: Cady Santo
  • Lavender: Avery Santo
  • Amanda: Isabella Cagnon
  • Alice: Alexis Arias
  • Hortenzia: Niah Ndukwe
  • Eric: Lucas Anderson
  • Nigel: David Pagliarini
  • Tommy: Giovanni Gauthier
Additional Kids’ Ensemble:
  • Isabella Nunes
  • Brooke Charpentier
  • Evelyn Pagliarini 
  • Juliana Buscemi
  • Aiden Bassette
  • Hayden Morin
Birthday Party Kids:
  • Sofia Amone
  • Teagan Barry
  • Juliana Stonis
  • Ella Martin Sharkey
  • Joey Marandola
Big Kids:
  • Trinity Blondin
  • Alessandra Pescare
  • Hailey Bobek
  • Maya Ferreira
  • Juliana Pires
  • Amelia Akkaoui
  • Abigail Paige
  • Kenzee Silva
  • Kelly Dargy
  • Trinity Blondin
  • Maya Ferreira
  • Amelia Akkaoui
  • Abigail Paige
  • Kelly Dargy
  • Juliana Pires
  • Lola Alaropon
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