Thank you to all who took the time to come out and audition for J-DAPA’s upcoming production of Matilda!

We had an amazing turnout in attendance as well as talent. If you did not receive a part this time, please do not give up on your dreams of being part of a play. Many factors go into the decision of casting. Give yourself credit for being confident enough to audition and keep trying!

Congratulations to the cast of Matilda.  Please send an email to stating if you accept your role or not. 

Our first meeting will be Tuesday, December 10th, from 5:30-7:30.  We will be handing out scripts and a rehearsal schedule as well as doing a read through.

What you will need on December 10th:

• $25 deposit for your script which will be refunded if it is handed back in good condition

• $100 costume deposit.  Once you sell at least 10 tickets your $100 will be refunded.

See you on December 10th.  Looking forward to working together!

Cast List

  • Matilda: Lily Butler
  • Trunchbull: Dave Banno
  • Miss Honey: Bryn Martin
  • Mr. Wormwood: Nick Gallo
  • Mrs. Wormwood: Ashlyn Banno
  • Michael Wormwood: Joshua Villanova
  • Bruce: Cady Santo
  • Lavender: Avery Santo
  • Phelps (Librarian): Mackenzie Hanna
  • The Escapologist: Matthew Eisemann
  • The Acrobat: Kelly Dargy
  • Rudolpho: Kaine Young
  • Doctor: Kyle Buonfiglio
  • Children’s Entertainer: Ethan Cagnon
  • Cook: Lola Alaropon
  • Henchmen: Ethan Cagnon, Mike Mollicone
  • Sergei: Mike Silva
  • Acrobat’s Sister (off stage): Dave Banno
Student Ensemble:
  • Matilda: Lily Butler
  • Bruce: Cady Santo
  • Lavender: Avery Santo
  • Amanda: Isabella Cagnon
  • Alice: Alexis Arias
  • Hortenzia: Niah Ndukwe
  • Eric: Lucas Anderson
  • Nigel: David Pagliarini
  • Tommy: Giovanni Gauthier
Additional Kids’ Ensemble:
  • Isabella Nunes
  • Brooke Charpentier
  • Evelyn Pagliarini 
  • Juliana Buscemi
  • Aiden Bassette
  • Hayden Morin
Birthday Party Kids:
  • Sofia Amone
  • Teagan Barry
  • Juliana Stonis
  • Ella Martin Sharkey
  • Joey Marandola
Big Kids:
  • Trinity Blondin
  • Alessandra Pescare
  • Hailey Bobek
  • Maya Ferreira
  • Juliana Pires
  • Amelia Akkaoui
  • Abigail Paige
  • Kenzee Silva
  • Kelly Dargy
  • Trinity Blondin
  • Maya Ferreira
  • Amelia Akkaoui
  • Abigail Paige
  • Kelly Dargy
  • Juliana Pires
  • Lola Alaropon

Please send an email to stating if you accept your role or not. We look forward to working with all of you!

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